Tibetan Women

The Tibetan Women's Association

An Introduction to the Tibetan Women's Assocation - Its aims and objectives and projects.

A State-Owned Womb - Violations of Tibetan Women's Reproductive Rights

A Report by The Tibetan Women's Association, Central Executive Committee, Dharamsala

National Report - Tibetan Women Oppression and Discrimination in occupied Tibet

THE Women's Desk at the Tibetan Government-in-Exile has compiled this report to highlight the particular concerns of Tibetan women inside Tibet and those living as refugees in exile. This report also includes a list of recommendations which, it is hoped, will serve as inputs to the discussions for the Draft Platform.

Tears of Silence: Tibetan Women and Population Control

A Report by The Tibetan Women's Association, Dharamsala, May, 1995

This information comes from articles posted on the official Tibetan Government-in-Exile site, www.tibet.com. Last updated 1996.