Other Internet Resources on Tibet

[Last revised: 12 September 1999]

Radio Broadcasts in Tibetan language on the internet

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  1. Voice of America Internet Broadcasting: Tibetan Programs:
  2. Voice of Tibet:
  3. Radio Free Asia on the internet: Tibetan:

E-mail Listservers on Tibet

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  1. WTN-L: World Tibet Network List:
    WTN News is published by the Canada Tibet Committee and gives at least daily updates on news to do with Tibet, Tibetans and related topics.
    A must for anyone who wants to keep up with Tibet-related news.
  2. Tibet-L: Tibet Interest List:
    A discussion group about Tibet and related issues including Tibetan Buddhism.
  3. Tibet Information Network:
    An information and research organisation.

Usenet Newsgroups about Tibet

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  1. Tibetan Buddhism:
  2. Tibetan Culture etc:
  3. Tibet Politics:

Internet Rely Chat on Tibet

(chat with others (by writing onscreen) about Tibet:)
  1. Tibet Channel
  2. Tibet Central

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