Index to Tibet Facts Sheets

Tibet Facts 1: Major Allegations: Key Facts on the Chinese Occupation
Selection of important events, dates, facts and figures
Tibet Facts 2: Chinese Presence in Tibet: Population Transfer
Survey of the impacts of mass immigration of Ethnic Chinese into Tibet.
Tibet Facts 3: Environmental Degradation, 1950-1995
Survey of environmental destruction on the Tibetan plateau.
Tibet Facts 4: Religion
Survey of Chinese suppression of Tibetan Buddhism and the torture of monks and nuns.
Tibet Facts 5: Administration of Justice: Abuse of Human Rights
Survey of the Chinese criminal justice system and the widespread use of torture.
Tibet Facts 6: 'Laogai' Labour Reform System in Tibet
Discussion of the use of Laogai camps and forced prison labour in Tibet.
Tibet Facts 7: Tibet and the PRC
Discussion of attempts to bring about a negotiated solution to the Tibetan question.
Tibet Facts 8: Education. 1950-1953
Anti-Tibetan discrimination in the education system of the Tibet Autonomous Region.
Tibet Facts 9: The Quality Baby: Birth Control Policies in Tibet
Discussion of population policies an allegations of forced &abortion.
Tibet Facts 10: Role of Women in the Protest Movement
Discussion of the actions of nuns and laywomen in demonstrations against the occupation.
Tibet Facts 11: British Relations With Tibet
Discussion of the official British position on Tibet and the issue of independence.
Tibet Facts 12: Tibet and China: Historical Relations
Survey of historical relations between and China (7th-20th centuries).
Tibet Facts 13: China's Nuclear Activities in Tibet
Discussion of China's nuclear activities in Tibet.
Tibet Facts 14: International Parliamentary Action on Tibet
Selection of Major Resolutions on Tibet Passed by Governments and Parliaments worldwide.

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Additional material was added by The Australia Tibet Council PO Box 1236 Potts Point NSW 2011 Australia.
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