Articles on Tibet's freedom struggle:

Statements by the Dalai Lama on Tibet's Situation

What does the Dalai Lama say on Tibet's historical status.
(In brief), from a talk to the law students of Wayne State University
The Dalai Lama's 10th March Speech
Given on the 1999 anniversary of the popular Tibetan uprising against the Communist Chinese in 1959
The Dalai Lama's 10th March Speech
Given on the 1997 anniversary of the uprising in 1959
Statement in USA November 1998
Given by H.H. Dalai Lama in Washington on November 10, 1998

Articles and Statements by others

Jampa: The Story of Racism in Tibet * * * NEW * * *
Racism: China's Secret Scourge ICT Report Refutes Beijing's Denial of Racism in China:
By the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) released a report at the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) documenting the origin and nature of racism against Tibetans and how the Chinese government perpetuates racist attitudes and policies.
Self-determination and the Tibetan issue
Ex Minister for the Department of Home
Tibetan Satyagraha: Need for the restoration of freedom in Tibet
Prime Minister of the Tibetan Executive (Government-in-exile)

Tibetan Bulletin
The official journal of the Tibetan administration, Tibetan Bulletin is published bi-monthly and distributed around the world to promote awareness and give facts of the situation in Tibet.

For inquiries write to the editor,
Tibetan Bulletin,
Dept of Information and International Relations,
Central Tibetan Secretariat,
Dharamsala, 176215,
District Kangra, HP, India.

Wei Jingsheng's letter to Deng Xiaoping on Tibet
By Wei Jingsheng
Chinese Human Rights and Democracy activist (currently imprisoned/under confine in China). Written October 1992.
Why China's activists speak out for Tibet
From The Christian Science Monitor.
Written November 19, 1998.

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